Squadbuilder support brings back Wright

Newcastle Thunder have welcomed Samoan international Matty Wright back to the ranks for the 2020 season, with a select group of fans playing a key role in securing his return.

Funds from the Squadbuilder group were made available to head coach Simon Finnigan that assisted in securing flights and visas to enable Wright’s return to Kingston Park Stadium, strengthening the first team squad on the eve of the new season.

Squadbuilder is an initiative whereby supporters can make a set donation per month for use by Newcastle Thunder’s head coach for the purposes of player recruitment and retention.

Controlled by a committee that approves all requests to access funds, Squadbuilder has played a key role over the years in securing the services of some talented players for the team.

Nearly as old as Thunder itself, Squadbuilder has over the course of its history helped with such things as travel expenses and visas allowing the club to bring in or retain quality players including Peter Fox, Lewis Young and Nick Youngquest.

Since its formation, the fund has been able to give well over £25,000 to the club offering fans the opportunity to increase their involvement with Thunder.

With many of the backroom staff signed up as members, Squadbuilder sees all the different groups that are involved with the club all contributing to its ongoing success.

For more details on Squad-builder and the Newcastle Thunder Supporters Association, contact Peter Bowen by emailing pet[email protected]